Sustainable manufacturing

for creating programmable textile.

Our technology helps to reduce microfiber and plastic pollution!

Why is it a

green and sustainable solution?

Our material production is energy efficient (at least half of the energy cost compared to synthetic fibers). It is an excellent alternative to synthetic fibers including but not limited to spandex (elastane). Besides, our fibers are the only fabric that has the ability of self-healing. Various natural or synthetic yarn (polyester and nylon) becomes self-healing and repairing with our coating, and preserves fiber integrity under high wear and tear conditions. This allows creating products with longer life-cycles and minimizes environmental pollution.

“If the average life of clothing was extended by just three months, it would reduce by 5 to 10% percent their carbon and water footprints, as well as waste generation.”

“The recycling of two million tons of clothing per year equates to taking one million cars from U.S. Streets.”

Tandem Repeat is one of seven finalists of the Tommy Hilfiger Social Innovation Challenge which is the Sprint Week with Tommy Hilfiger Amsterdam!

Three winners will be announced in January.

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