The Challenge

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Plastic is a problem that can be stopped, but it would require all of us.
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Our Why

Is a world where each individual chooses environment over profit, picks up more than they put down, and works towards a cleaner tomorrow over an easier today.

But . . . . . each day, plastic pollution is pushing this future further and further away.

Plastic is one of, if not the most, harmful abused material in our growing global economy. The rate of plastic consumption is increasing with the rising per capita consumption and population growth. With many companies around the world committing themselves towards a sustainable circular economy, plastic pollution is a problem that requires more effort than corporations. It requires the input of everyone, the consumers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. Each step of the process impacts the world and we each can do our part.

Times have changed, so
have companies

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Code of Conduct

Now. . . . . here is we take a stand and forge our why:

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As members of the global community

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