Synthetic biology is the backbone of our technology and we believe it’s the future of innovation. We are one of many cleantech companies that started with one mission, but we have matured to become the one that can make it happen. Everything started with the research from an established research professor that wanted his research to do more for the world. This motivation brought together other like-minded individuals and established Squitex, the platform technology transforming the future of sustainable material.

To us, sustainability is more than just an outcome, it is an ingredient in our production and our success. Our team optimizes each step of the production cycle, starting from the scientist’s lab bench all the way to
our partner’s manufacturing floor. We strive to be more than just THAT materials company,
we work to be THE materials company.

Squitex is more than just another material:

Repairable with heat and pressure

100% Biodegradable & Recyclable

Strong and elastic as spandex

Thermal Responsiveness

Low environmental impact





Coming soon…

We have taken the first step out of belief in our technology and we will take the second step out of belief in the future of this world. Join us on our journey and learn more about how our platform technology can change the world.